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30-01-2021 (last mod. 27-03-2022)

Mechelen, Belgium: Flemish hidden treasures

Mechelen is a city in the province of Antwerp in Belgium. It was once the capital of the Burgundian Netherlands and today houses many protected monuments.

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10-01-2021 (last mod. 24-05-2022)

What to do in Nuremberg | Top places in Bavaria

Nuremberg is a city in Bavaria, Germany. For centuries it served as the capital of the Holy Roman Empire and is famous for having been Hitler's favourite city.

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08-01-2021 (last mod. 24-05-2022)

Ghent: Belgium's medieval jewel [Maps and Videos included]

Ghent is a city in Belgium, capital of the province of East Flanders, which stands out for its imposing medieval old town. If you want to know everything about Ghent then don't miss this article! [Map and videos included]

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05-01-2021 (last mod. 24-05-2022)

Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany | Medieval towns in Europe

Rothenburg ob der Tauber is located in the state of Bavaria in Germany. It is one of the most touristy cities in this country and one of the medieval jewels of Europe.

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02-01-2021 (last mod. 11-05-2022)

Antwerp, Belgium: The City of Diamonds [Map and Video included]

Antwerp is a Belgian city renowned for its diamonds and its port, one of the most important in Europe. If you are looking to know EVERYTHING about this beautiful city, don't miss this article! [Interactive map included]

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27-12-2020 (last mod. 11-05-2022)

Day trip to Bruges, Belgium

Bruges, one of the jewels of Europe! In this article we tell you all about what to see and do in Bruges in one day. Interactive map included!