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19-02-2023 (last mod. 24-02-2023)

Brussels must-sees

Interested in discovering all that Brussels has to offer? In this article we tell you ALL about its must-sees attractions! [Map included]

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10-12-2022 (last mod. 24-02-2023)

Christmas markets in Belgium [2022/2023]

December is coming and with it one of the most beautiful times of the year: Christmas. In this article we tell you ALL about the Christmas markets in Belgium!

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13-08-2021 (last mod. 02-03-2023)

Diest, Belgium | Discovering Flemish Brabant

In this article you will find EVERYTHING about Diest, a town in the province of Flemish Brabant, Belgium, which we recommend you to visit. Map and video included!

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04-07-2021 (last mod. 01-03-2023)

Ultimate guide to tulips in Belgium [with Maps and Videos]

Tulips in Belgium? In this article we will tell you all about where, how and when to find them, from the tulip fields to the biggest flower (tulip) exhibition in Belgium. [Maps included]

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26-06-2021 (last mod. 02-03-2023)

Tongeren: Belgium's oldest city

Tongeren is a town in the province of Limburg in Belgium and, according to official documents, its oldest town. Interested in finding out more? Then this is the article you've been looking for! [Interactive map included]

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23-06-2021 (last mod. 02-03-2023)

TOP Must-see attractions in Lier, Belgium

Lier is a small town in the province of Antwerp (Belgium) famous for its beautiful historic centre. So don't miss this article if you want to know everything about it! [Interactive map included]