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Our vlogging setup

Many times we have been asked which vlogging tools we use for our videos and that is why we have decided to create this section where we show you in detail the equipment that we currently use. It should be noted that although the objectives of the vlogging setup can change depending on the person and the application, for us it should be versatile, light, comfortable and above all economical. So, here you will see an image of the one we use right now:

Photo of our vlogging setup

Without further ado, we will now break down our vlogging setup into its basic components such as the action camera, the protective housing, the gimbal, the microphone, the tripod, the spare battery bank, among others. At this point it goes without saying that other cameras can also be compatible as long as they have the appropriate housing. In our opinion, this last element is essential since it is used not only to distribute the weight correctly but also to prevent the cables that connect the microphone to the action cam from coming into conflict with the stabiliser when it is in motion.

Yi 4k+ action camera

Yi 4k+ Action Camera

The Yi 4k+ is a great value for money action camera and although it's a little tricky to get hold of these days it's an excellent choice for those just starting to record their adventures. As an action cam it is quite small, has a weight that is almost imperceptible and doesn't require a lot of care to carry around.

Feiyutech G6+ Gimbal

Feiyutech G6+ Stabiliser

A Gimbal is an essential element for stabilising videos. In particular, it not only stabilises the images but also allows for smoother moving images. We recommend the Feiyutech G6+, which is an affordable gimbal with an excellent interface to the Yi 4k+ and is also compatible with more expensive action cams such as the GoPro.

Yi 4k+ protective case

Protective Case for Yi 4k+

The protective housing is the most important element of our vlogging setup as it allows us not only to protect the camera but also to attach the stabilizer to the camera and the microphone. Indeed, it is the cheapest element of the set but the most indispensable one and as a final result it allows us to obtain a comfortable vlogging setup and practically free of loose cables!

Cardiode Microphone

Cardiode Microphone

Quality video is nothing without quality audio and that's why we recommend adding a windshield microphone to your vlogging setup. In particular, the one we use is quite reasonably priced and can be attached to the protective housing of the action cam.

Mini tripod

Mini Tripod for Gimbal

A stabilizer would not be complete without a tripod, in fact the latter will allow you to maintain the stability of the tripod when it is placed on a surface. We prefer mini extendable tripods, as they are small, light and have a higher level of adjustability than fixed tripods.

Battery kit for Yi 4k+

Replacement Battery Set

Action cameras have the disadvantage of having small batteries, so a set of replacement batteries is strictly necessary. We recommend having at least two spare batteries so that you have enough capacity to film for several hours without having to recharge.

For those people who have tried to buy the Yi 4k+ Action Camera and have not found it available, this is because it is indeed a relatively old camera and is currently very difficult to get it for sale. However, the FeiyuTech G6+ Gimbal, which is a stabiliser we highly recommend, is also compatible with other cameras and setups. For example:

  • GoPro Hero 10: This is a much more modern action camera than the Yi 4k+ and is currently very easy to purchase. In case you want to buy this camera to use in your vlogging setup, we also recommend this housing, so you will have a tidy, well-balanced and comfortable set for filming. Regarding the microphone, the housing comes with a built-in microphone, although we recommend using an external one. By the way, you can use the same one we use in our filming set with the Yi 4k+.

Would you like to see this vlogging setup in action? Then don't hesitate to visit our YouTube channel!